Plumbing services do not only involve unclogging drains and fixing leaking pipes. Although these are common thoughts people have when hiring a plumber, there are far more services offered by most plumbing companies. AA Plumbing in West Chester OH, for example, offers at least four bathroom remodeling services to their customers.

Installing a New Toilet or Tub

The bathroom does use running water, so it’s no wonder a plumber would have to be called in for some bathroom remodeling work rather than a contractor. When a new toilet or tub needs to get installed, a plumber may be best suited for the job. He or she will have the equipment to choose from and be able to get the project turn within a quick turnaround.

Replacing the Sink

The sink within the bathroom can also get replaced by a plumber. With the water line often found underneath the cupboard, those who are getting a new style will need a plumber to make sure the type of sink will fit with where the water line is located. It cannot be too large or too small or it could be an issue.

Redoing the Floors

The floors also get done during many remodelling projects. A plumber can continue his work in the bathroom by redoing any flooring that needs it. It may even get replaced entirely, especially if the material has become warped or otherwise damaged due to water. Solid wood floors get used in bathrooms regularly, although this is far easier to damage than some other options. Laminate flooring and linoleum tile may be better choices.

Converting a Bath to Shower

Rather than just installing a new tub, plumbers have the ability to convert a former bath into a shower. They can also do the opposite, turning a stand-up shower into a full bathtub, as long as the space permits. Some things may need to get moved around and the plumbing could need to be reworked completely, but the switch is often possible.

AA Plumbing in West Chester OH offers these remodeling services and more. Visit the Website to learn more and see which options make the most sense for the home. From bathroom remodeling projects to kitchen remodeling, and of course the average unclogging drain services as well, plumbers handle a variety of needs.

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