Has wear and tear caused certain parts on your mailbox to break? When something happens to one of the parts on your mailbox, don’t worry. You can easily get a new part. Many companies sell a variety of mailbox replacement parts. Moreover, if you were already using a specific decorative mailbox piece, you can replace it with a different one to give your mailbox a different look.

Mailbox Bases
The first type of replacement part you can purchase is a mailbox base. You can purchase ornamental style mailbox bases that are easy to install. They will also enhance your entire mailbox unit. Two types of mailbox bases include the slip-over base design and the two-piece base design. Each type of mailbox base may be available in several different designs. Just be sure to pick the base that will fit the diameter of your mailbox pole.

Mailbox Brackets
Mailbox replacement parts also include mailbox brackets. Some companies produce brackets made of sturdy cast aluminum that do a magnificent job of keeping your mailbox in place. Furthermore, some replacement parts are fancy and will embellish the rest of your mailbox. Some mailbox bracket designs include: the “S” shaped decorative mailbox bracket, the flower vine decorative mailbox bracket, the dual bracket, the bracket with address plaque, and the “C” scroll decorative bracket.

Mailbox Finials
In addition, mailbox replacement parts include mailbox finials, which protect the interior of your mailbox post. Some are decorative as well and made of cast aluminum. Different types of mailbox finials include acorn finials, ball finials, circle-star finials, cap finials and large point finials.

Mailbox Doors
Furthermore, you can also replace your mailbox door. Some companies offer easy do it yourself repair with replacement doors that don’t require any extra tools or hard labor. You simply snap the door into place and you’re finished.

Mailbox Poles
Lastly, mailbox replacement parts include mailbox poles. Smooth, square and fluted poles exist for you to purchase. The type of mailbox poles offered can vary. Your company may offer several sizes such as: a 4” mailbox pole with four channels that run through the pole, a 3” mailbox pole with two channels, a 5” fluted mailbox pole and 4” square mailbox pole.

When it comes time for you to purchase mailbox replacement parts, make sure you choose decorative mailbox bases, brackets, finials, doors and poles that will make your mailbox look stylish and modern. Also, be sure to purchase your mailbox replacement parts from Brandon Industries that offers a variety of parts for you to choose from. This way you will be able to find something you like as well as something that matches your mailbox.


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