A well-designed and executed landscape plan can give a home a look of beauty and enhance its curb appeal. Even if the home isn’t for sale, neighbors and visitors, as well as a family, appreciate the attention-grabbing visual appeal of a landscape that offers treats for the senses during every season of the year. Landscape Contractors in Durham CT can help homeowners choose the right kinds of flowers, shrubs, and trees that will help a home pop with artistic excitement no matter what time of year it is.

Finding trees, shrubs, and flowers that will bring color and interest to a home landscape isn’t difficult during the spring and summer months, but there are some things to consider. It’s imperative that a homeowner chooses annual and perennials plants that thrive in the hardiness zone where the property is located. Camellias, for example, won’t survive the near-zero temperatures that can often occur in New England. The makeup of the soil and the amount of sun the area receives are also important factors. Once these factors are taken into consideration, homeowners can turn their attention to shrubs, trees, and flowers that will ensure the landscape offers eye appeal throughout the year.

Flowering shrubs such as azaleas, forsythia and rhododendron are some of the most popular springtime choices along with tulips, daffodils and similar types of bulbs. It’s important that homeowners plan for late spring blooms to avoid the nearly inevitable lack of color that can occur when summer blooms aren’t yet ready to open. A summer landscape can almost become too crowded with annuals and perennials, so planning is essential. While flowers grow nearly continuously, finding shrubs and trees that offer a pop of color can be more difficult. However, hydrangeas and crape myrtles, as well as rose of Sharon shrubs, do offer color during the summer.

In the fall, mums take center stage along with the changing leaves of maples, oaks, and other deciduous trees. Color still catches the eye well into November in most areas. However, it’s inevitable that these colors will eventually fade. Shrubs that retain visual interest during the winter months include Holly, chokeberry and firethorn bushes with their bright red berries and glossy dark green leaves. Evergreen shrubs with a yellowish tone and trees with white or lighter brown bark also draw the eye. No matter what the season, a homeowner can find ways to make his landscape interesting and inviting. Visit Madisonearthcare.com for more information.

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