Four Techniques for Tree Removal in Marietta

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Business

Do you have dead trees in your yard that just make your whole property look shabby? If so, removing those trees can restore a great look to your yard and improve the health of the other vegetation on your property. Here are four techniques for tree removal in Marietta to help you get rid of those annoying eyesores properly.

Traditional Tree Removal
When most people hear the words “tree removal,” they typically think about the guys who climb to the top of the tree and start cutting it down with a chainsaw. This is the traditional tree removal technique and it’s still quite common for companies to use. Professional tree climbers use ropes, harnesses and other safety equipment and they climb to the top and work their way down the tree, cutting branches off as they go.

Whole Tree Rigging
This is another common method for tree removal in Marietta. It is used more often in areas where buildings are present because it poses a reduced risk of damage to the surroundings. With whole tree rigging, a rigging rope is attached to the large trunks and branches as they are being cut. Usually a crane is used to hold the ropes because of the heaviness of the branches. The section that is being held by the rope is cut and once it is detached from the tree, the crane takes control and moves it safely to a pile of other branches for later removal.

Spar Pole Rigging
This method of tree removal is very similar to the traditional method. With this technique, however, the climber removes the branches as he goes up rather than starting at the top and moving down. Once the climber reaches the top, he attaches a rope to the upper sections so they can be lowered to the ground slowly after being cut. This reduces the chance of damaging surrounding homes and landscaped areas.

Another common type of tree removal is self-removal. This is often used in large fields where houses and other structures aren’t nearby. This can be done a couple different ways. If it’s done in an uninhabited area, you can simply cut the tree down towards the bottom of its trunk. However, if there are some buildings around, it’s important to cut the branches off first. Then measure the tree to see if it can fall safely either way without damaging any property. If that’s the case, simply cut it at the bottom of the trunk and let it fall. Just be sure nobody is in the way and you are wearing the proper safety gear at the time.


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