Your smile is an important component of your overall confidence. Unfortunately, failure to maintain your oral health with regular visits to the dentist can result in the deterioration of that smile. While some people understand this, others choose to go long periods of time between dental visits. If you’re still not sure how regular appointments with your general dentist can help, keep reading to discover four services your dentist can provide that will get you back to better oral health.

Regular teeth cleanings are essential to your overall health. When plaque is allowed to remain on your teeth, it leads to the development of bacteria that eats away at your enamel and eventually causes other problems like gum disease. Not only will having your teeth cleaned regularly help you ensure that your mouth is healthy, but it will help you avoid the pain that comes with tooth decay.

Teeth can become yellow or stained for a number of reasons, including poor oral hygiene or eating dark-colored foods that affect the color of the teeth. Fortunately, your general dentist can help you remove those stains with a hydrogen peroxide solution so that they are no longer visible. While it’s possible to get some results with an at-home whitening kit, visiting your general dentist for this service can help you make sure it’s done safely and effectively.

Crooked teeth have the potential to cause many problems in your mouth, including tooth decay that may occur if you can’t floss between two teeth properly. They can also be a confidence killer for some people. A well-trained dentist will be able to offer you braces or aligners that will help move your teeth back into the proper position so that you can enjoy a bright and healthy smile.

If you’ve let your oral health decline to the point where you have missing teeth, it’s time to visit your general dentist for dental implants. Implants involve attaching a prosthesis to an anchor that is attached to your jawbone. For many people, this is one of the best ways to replace missing teeth and avoid bone deterioration.

General Dentistry Louisville is about more than just having the perfect smile. It’s also about making sure that your mouth stays healthy. If you’re looking for a general dentist, contact Moore Smiles to see how a professional can help you recover both your oral health and your confidence today.

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