Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos Training In Syracuse NY

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Business

Individuals who have employment in various jobs that require them to work around asbestos should have the proper training first. Inhaling the fibers of this substance can cause serious lung conditions, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural plaques. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about the dangers of working around asbestos and the importance of asbestos training in Syracuse NY.

In what types of workplaces can employees be potentially exposed to asbestos?

There are numerous jobs that can be potentially hazardous for employees because of asbestos exposure. Individuals who work in various industries, such as power plants, textile mills and shipyards are at a greater risk of coming into contact with asbestos. Many building products also contain asbestos including linoleum, vinyl floor tiles, plaster, attic and hot water pipe insulation, roofing and siding materials, and textured ceilings. For this reason, construction workers should also have proper asbestos training for safety purposes.

How can workers become ill when they are exposed to asbestos products?

Individuals can become ill from asbestos when they inhale or ingest the fibers from this lethal substance into their body. Inhalation occurs when individuals breathe the asbestos fibers into their lungs and extensive damage can occur when the fibers make their way deep into the lungs. Individuals can also ingest asbestos fibers, which causes them to enter the digestive system where they can potentially enter the bloodstream.

What do employees learn when they attend an asbestos training course?

When enrolled in an asbestos training course, individuals will learn about this substance and the various applications in which it’s used. Learning how to identify asbestos and the various products that contain this substance is also addressed. Employees will also be informed about the possible health issues that can arise when working around asbestos. Individuals will learn how to stay safe when working around asbestos and the correct placement and use of a respirator. Through Asbestos Training in Syracuse NY employees who are at risk will learn how they can stay healthy while working around this dangerous material.

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