Georgia residents may not understand how bail bonds work until they or a loved one is arrested. They may not know what goes into determining bail, how it works, and how an agent for Bail Bonds in Atlanta can help.

What is Bail?

Bail is the total dollar amount that a judge requires to be paid before a defendant can get out of jail to wait at home for their court date. The purpose is to hold the defendant responsible for making their required court appearances and to deter them from leaving town to evade the law. Any individual who cannot afford to pay the required bail will remain in jail until their court date. Another option is available, though. The family can purchase a bail bond.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail Bondsmen allow you to pay just a portion of the total bail due. This is beneficial to the family members because there is less risk involved. Be careful, though, because if your loved one decides to skip their court dates, you may forfeit any collateral placed to secure the bond.

What information do I give the Bail Agent?

Before calling make sure you know all the pertinent facts about the person in jail. This includes their full name, booking number, the name of the jail including city and state, and the amount of bail ordered by the court.

Will I get my money back?

Generally speaking, no. The premium you pay to the bail agent is their fee to allow the defendant to leave jail. The bonding agent has earned that money at that point. However, if the bail bondsman fails to meet his end of the contract, then you may have some legal rights to a refund.

What Collateral can I use?

Each bond agent will have their own list of acceptable collateral items, however generally speaking items such as real estate, personal credit, jewelry, stocks or bonds, vehicles, or credit cards will all be satisfactory collateral.

What happens if the Defendant does not show up to court?

If the defendant does not show up to court, the bondsman will need to pay the court the full bail amount. Additionally, they will search for the defendant and take them back to jail.

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