Mold growth in a home or business can become very harmful to individuals when they breathe in mold spores. Homeowners and business owners who suspect they have a mold problem should contact a qualified company that specializes in Mold Inspections in Alexandria VA. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about mold.

How does mold growth start in a home or business?

Mold will start growing wherever there’s the presence of moisture. Structures that have been flooded will begin having mold growth within 48 hours. Individuals who have leaky water pipes under┬átheir sink will also more than likely have a mold problem. Areas in the bathroom, especially around the shower or tub, are other areas where mold is commonly found.

How can individuals tell if they have a mold problem inside their home or business?

Individuals will be able to spot some of the mold growth as it’s often in plain sight. If individuals notice a black substance on their walls, behind their washing machine, or in the bathroom, this is a sign that mold is present. Mold can also frequently be found on the ceiling, especially if there’s a leak in the roof. Mold can also hide in places that most individuals can’t see, such as between the walls, under flooring materials, and in tiny crevices around the house.

What should individuals do when they see mold growth in their house or business?

Individuals who spot mold growth should not attempt to remove the mold themselves. Protective clothing should be worn around mold at all times, and professionals know how to remove mold safely. An experienced mold removal technician also uses special equipment to find all of the mold that’s inside the structure. After all of the mold is discovered, the professionals will immediately begin eliminating the mold. After the mold removal is complete, a qualified technician who specializes in Mold Inspections in Alexandria VA can visit the property to make sure all of the mold is completely removed.

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