It’s been a long winding road from the year 1966 when the Higa Brothers opened a small restaurant on South King St. in McCully. Neither Charles nor Francis, as they themselves recalled years later, knew the restaurant business all that well. But because of that, they ended up introducing one of the most characteristic aspects of the Zippy’s Restaurants operation, 24-hour operations as one brother would work a 12-hour shift and then the other.

The Zippy’s Story Today

Today, the Zippy’s chain has grown to over twenty outlets spread out all over Honolulu and the islands of Oahu and Maui. In fact, the first Zippy’s outlet has recently opened on the main Hawaiian island of Hilo, to long lines and great acclaim. Zippy’s is not only among the most popular of Restaurants in Oahu, but has developed a reputation as about the most popular and well-known restaurant chain in Hawaii.

Zippy’s is not just a restaurant chain but a multi-level culinary business that includes a Napoleon’s Bakery in each Zippy’s that provides delicious cakes and pastries for the chain and through retail. Also part of the enterprise is Osaka Ozakuya sushi bars and the chain’s own catering service, the Catering Experience. In short, Zippy’s has become a food giant in the islands serving thousands of Hawaii residents and tourists from all over the world.

The Root of Zippy’s Reputation: Its Chili

If there is one dish that Zippy’s is most known for, it is its Original Recipe Chili. Composed of a fine blend of ingredients and spices, and combined in a recipe that has been a Higa family secret for decades, their chili is the most popular item on the menu. It is so popular in fact that it has long been sold in supermarkets as well as the restaurants and today sell at over 100 tons a month.

Roots In The Community

Zippy’s is not only a leading food service enterprise but also a positive force in the community. The Higa Brothers have long believed in the value of community outreach and involvement in multiple fund-raising events and charity projects. This has proven to be not only good business but a return of value to a community that has supported them for over fifty years.

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