The human body is an amazing thing. That is why it is so important to keep it healthy by making regular visits to Family Physicians in Wichita Kansas for checkups. Here are a few fun facts about the body and its biology to feed the brain before going for a clinic visit.

Size Does Matter

The largest organ in the human body is actually the skin. While most people think of the organs as being on the inside, it is actually the organ on the outside that gets bragging rights for size. In fact, if laid out flat, the skin from an average-sized adult would measure approximately 18 square feet.

Royal Flush

The act of blushing actually occurs internally. It happens when blood rushes to the face. Blood also rushes to the lining of the stomach when blushing, which means the stomach would also look embarrassed. However, nobody ever needs to be embarrassed to visit Family Physicians in Wichita Kansas.

Finally Seeing The Light

The human brain is capable of seeing UV light, it is just usually filtered out by the eyes. However, patients who have undergone surgeries to have the lens of the eye removed have reported as being able to see UV light.

A Hairy Situation

Humans are just as hairy as their primate cousins, chimpanzees. However, human hair is much finer on the body and almost invisible in many cases. There is a belief among some scientists that humans are slowly evolving away from bodily hair as it no longer serves its original purposes of providing warmth and protection.

Glow With The Flow

Most people do not realize that they actually glow in the dark. That’s right, the human body is bio-luminescent. Unfortunately, the light given off is approximately 1000 times weaker than the human eye can see. Many animals can see the glow, though.

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