There are many benefits to Pre-planning in Bel Air, yet some people only consider doing it after experiencing the burden of making arrangements for a loved one hours after death. That situation makes people realize how stressful the process is in a time of grief. That is a powerful motivator to begin pre-planning their final arrangements.

Peace of Mind on Several Levels

Having Pre-planning in Bel Air completed does much more than assure people their relatives will not need to make decisions. It also provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes and preferences will be honored at the time of passing. There would be no arguing among relatives regarding how to proceed. There will be no burial if the deceased wanted to be cremated.

The Process

Pre-planning does not have to be completed all at once. People who decide to pre-plan can begin the process in person, over the telephone, or online with the help of professionals at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. Review options, discuss costs and set up an account to fill out a pre-planning form. Staff is available to answer any questions or provide selection assistance at any point throughout all the planning.

The information remains confidential and can be changed or details can be added when planners visit the website. Select flowers, readings, poems, music, and any after-service activity desired. People can select caskets, memorial cards, and other keepsakes. Once plans are final, the form is submitted, and payment is made. No one will be in the position of paying for your final expenses.

Lower Costs

The costs of final arrangements of any kind are constantly rising. Waiting until a certain age to begin planning means higher costs. Pre-planning locks in lower costs because no additional money is required once complete payment has been made. That is the case if the planner dies next week or twenty-five years in the future.

Life is uncertain so waiting may result in a lost opportunity to take control of final arrangements. Look into this easy, zero-stress, and cost-effective way to provide you and the family peace of mind.

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