While the garage door has become the most frequently used entry into a home, commercial businesses rely on them every day to keep their operations running smoothly. When a door isn’t working properly, or suddenly stops altogether, it may be time for Garage Door Services in Mesa AZ. ASAP Door Repair & Service Inc specializes in residential and commercial door service, and they can handle ongoing maintenance needs, as well as a one time repair, depending on customer requirements.

Residential Services

In order to keep a residential garage door operating smoothly, it should be inspected at least once a year. The tracks and rollers should be wiped down to remove any dirt and debris, and the bolts and hinges should be tightened and lubricated. The weatherstripping seal should be checked for tears, and the springs should be examined for proper tension since they must be able to carry the full weight of the door every time it opens and closes. If problems are noted during the inspection, it may be time to enlist the help of Garage Door Services in Mesa AZ.

Commercial Services

In a commercial business, overhead doors are used in many applications, including at shipping and receiving docks and in places such as fire stations that need to be able to respond to calls quickly. Mechanics and auto shops use them daily, as do many warehouses and other commercial establishments. If the door doesn’t open on demand, it can slow down business until it’s repaired. This can reduce productivity and a loss of revenue if not taken care of right away.


There are many signs that may indicate that a garage door needs to be serviced. If the door is stuck open and refuses to close, it may mean that debris is blocking the photo eye or an object may be in the door’s pathway. If the door tries to jump the track, it may need to have the hinges and bots tightened and lubricated or the rollers replaced in order to glide along the track. If the door fails to respond at, or if a loud bang was heard before it quit working, it may have a broken spring which should be replaced by a garage door mechanic.

Garage doors play a vital role in both residential life and commercial businesses. Keeping them operating properly will ensure that they can safely be passed through at all times. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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