People rely on General Dentistry in Keizer OR, to keep their teeth healthy. It has three general treatment areas. The first area is preventative care. This includes regular dental checkups and cleanings. For most patients, this means seeing the dentist every six months. However, people with previous dental problems, such as periodontal disease, may require more frequent checkups. The dentist will find any cavities when they are small. He will be able to easily clean out the bacteria and fill the cavity with a resin material. This will match the original tooth enamel and keep the patient’s smile bright and white.

The second treatment area of General Dentistry in Keizer OR, involves more dramatic tooth repair or replacement, such as root canal treatment, crowns, and bridges. When tooth decay is not found early, the bacteria that cause it can travel into the lower tooth. This is the tooth root area. It contains many nerve endings, and an infection there is quite painful. The dentist has to perform a root canal treatment to clean out the infection. Because this treatment is very invasive, it can damage the top of the tooth. In order to stabilize it, the patient may require a dental crown. Sometimes, a tooth is can be knocked out during an accident. If the person is not a candidate for a dental implant, the dentist will use a dental bridge to fill the gap. It will look very natural and the patient will be able to eat and talk normally. He will have to use special floss to clean the area between the bridge and the gum.

The last area of General Dentistry in Keizer OR, involves tooth extraction and dentures. While one or two extracted teeth can be replaced using bridges or dental implants, several teeth usually require a denture. Partial dentures might replace the teeth on one side of the mouth, while a full set of dentures replaces all of the teeth. People used to worry about dentures slipping out when they ate or talked. This is no longer a worry for most denture wearers. Whenever possible, dental implants are used to anchor the dentures. Each morning, the denture wearer snaps their clean dentures onto the implants. They stay secure throughout the day.

These General Dentistry in Keizer OR, procedures ensure that people have healthy smiles throughout their lives. For advice or to schedule an appointment, contact the dentist today.

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