Geriatric Home Care that’s Right for You and Your Loved Ones

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Healthcare Services

Caring for an elderly loved one can demand a lot of your family’s time and energies. In such cases, where the stress starts to negatively affect your family, seeking professional geriatric home care service can be the right choice. Looking for home care that’s right for your elderly loved ones and your family shouldn’t be hard either.

Professional Home Care

Based in Maryland and DC, we offer a range of services that include geriatric home care. Our nursing staff is qualified to look after the needs of your elderly loved ones. With proper training and certifications, Capital City Nurses professionals are capable of using medical equipment, managing medications along with a whole range of functions all designed to make the experience emotionally positive for you and your loved ones.

If you need assistance in taking care of an elderly member of the family but don’t quite know what kind or what sort of arrangements you need, talk to us. We’ll be happy to work with you and figure out how we can effectively address your loved one’s needs and balance that out with the needs of the family. We’ll also make sure to answer all your questions regarding long term care service, its possible challenges and the many ways your loved one can experience not just home care but an emotionally positive home care experience with us.

Positive and Personal

We make every effort to deliver geriatric home care that’s positive and personal.

Our in-home services include personal care and bathing and dressing, along with meal preparations, light housekeeping. We also offer companion services for those times when your loved one wants to play bridge with someone or go to the museum on a nice day. Medication management is also part of our job. With the proper license and certifications, along with a rigorous screening and recruitment process, our care givers and staff have the skill and expertise it takes to take great care of your loved ones.

The better your loved ones feel, the better you feel. That’s why we do the best we can to ensure our service reflects the care we want to extend to you and your loved ones. We make sure every aspect of our service succeeds in making your elderly loved ones feel dignity in the process. That essentially human and humane touch is what makes the experience genuinely positive for our clients and their families.

Need geriatric home care assistance? Call us at Capital City Nurses and we’ll help you make the right home care arrangement for you happen. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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