Get Answers When Selling Oil and Gas Mineral Rights

by | Sep 23, 2014 | gas and minerals

Selling oil and gas mineral rights might feel like you’re taking a step back, especially if you were hoping for huge returns on an initial investment. However, the truth is that those returns are never guaranteed, and selling to a company like H & M Land and Mineral can bring the payback that you’ve always wanted.

With anything you sell, you want to see a profit. The issue with all aspects of the oil, gas and mineral area is that everything is subject to the “boom and bust” nature of the market. Prices are all based on speculation, and rapid rises and falls characterize price points at any given time. If you’re not an industry expert, and have no desire to spend massive amounts of your time becoming one, why not pass the risk management on to someone who will not only handle it all, but pay you well for the privilege?

Why H & M Works

The reason we can do business with those who, like yourself, are selling oil and gas mineral rights, is that our buyers are also operating on a speculative system. The volume in which they, and we, deal is encouraging when it comes to offsetting the costs of buying your investment off of you. Further, our expertise in risk management, and resources for conducting it well, lower our chances of significant loss. Since many oil and gas mineral rights owners don’t have the resources we do, they’re often glad to sell.

Imagine no longer being shackled to the investment, and instead having a check in your hands to fund retirement, pay for a child’s education or even take that dream vacation. Isn’t this the reason we make investments in the first place? H & M can connect you with payoff, while relieving you of the responsibility.

For those in the buying market, know that we work with aggressive development campaigns and strive for the utmost in potential returns. As a regional player, we can work with buyers and sellers of all sizes, and also keep ourselves abreast of the latest in state and local laws and regulations.

Contact H & M Land and Mineral

Don’t wonder another minute about selling oil and gas mineral rights. We’re the name you can trust, and more than prepared to pay well for your investment. Please take a few minutes to complete our online contact form, or reach us via phone or email. Our staff will be ready to speak with you!

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