Maybe you got in a collision or maybe a tree fell on top of your car in some freak accident. Either way, any severe damage that renders your vehicle non-operational can cause loads of stress. In a fast-paced, job-driven world, you can’t afford to be out this way; thankfully, you can easily find an auto body shop that will repair even the most severe damage.

Where Is the Damage?

Keep in mind that an auto body shop deals exclusively with the exterior, non-moving parts of your vehicle. However, some centers, such as Kales Auto Center, deal with both interior and exterior issues. If the repair shop has a website, you will usually be able to see exactly the kinds of services they offer and match that with the damage to your vehicle. You can usually get a quote online as well.

Make Some Calls

Auto repair shops are notorious for wildly varying prices, so if you have a little bit of time, it would be beneficial to make some calls and find the best deal that will fit your needs. Doing this could also confirm other pieces of information as well and you might even find some interesting deals. For example, some repair shops even offer to pay your insurance deductible after a collision.

Keep in mind that not every auto body shop in Mesa, AZ will accept all makes and models, nor will they accept all forms of insurance, but making some calls will help you avoid beginning business with a shop that does not deal with the kind of damage that your vehicle has.

Replacement Vehicle

If the damage is serious or extensive, you can expect your vehicle to be in the shop for quite some time. Be prepared to set up a temporary replacement.

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