There are several ways to make a smooth road surface. However, this usually depends on the amount of traffic the driving surface must endure. The two most common materials used on public roads are concrete and asphalt. Asphalt, commonly known in the Houston area as blacktop, is generally a more economical option. One reason for this is that laying asphalt is much easier than pouring concrete into forms. Of course, the base of the road will still need to be prepared and this requires the skills and tools of an experienced Asphalt Paving Service. For instance, the dirt under the asphalt will need to be oiled, graded and compacted to reduce the chance of erosion damage.

Asphalt is a great material for all kinds of driving surfaces, but it also works well for parking lots. Large parking areas tend to see a lot of vehicles and this can cause plenty of wear. Combine this with the rain and heat that is common is the Houston area and the pavement will begin to wear down or fracture. Asphalt based parking lots are much easier to repair than concrete versions because the damaged material can be quickly cut away and patches put in place immediately. Inspecting the damaged area before any attempt at repairs is important because some faults may only require surface repairs. A professional Asphalt Paving Service can quickly determine the difference.

Protecting the asphalt surface is important. Excessive driving and harsh weather conditions can affect the reliability of the asphalt and the base it sits on. One method of protection is known as seal coating. This is the application of a tar-like emulsion and sand mixture over the surface of the road or parking area. It is important to remember that seal coating should never be done immediately after the pavement is installed. In fact, it is best to wait at least three months so that the oils in the asphalt can oxidize. Seal coating will take about 48 hours to cure properly and is often applied on the weekend or late in the evening. The service life of the seal coating will depend on traffic over the surface. Heavily used roads or parking lots may require new seal coating every year, but lesser used surfaces often survive two or three years between applications. Learn more about asphalt surfaces from the experts at

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