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by | Jun 1, 2015 | Automotive

Do you ever wonder if your car is in tip top shape? Is it running ok? Does it seems as if it is secure on the road? Is it shaking or shimmying? If so, you may have some issues with your tyres. Fortunately there are a number of signs your car needs tyre repair services and by looking into some of the signs below, you will find out if you need to see a professional for tyre repairs.

Wheel Balance

Sometimes people will experience puttering and halting movements from their vehicles when driving. If this happens to you while you are increasing your speed, you may be in need of having your wheels balanced. Fortunately, there are a number of tyre repair companies that are skilled in analysing and treating such issues. When you feel a quaking movement in your steering wheel or seat, head straight to a respected tyre repair company. Your tyres or rims might have been pushed aside, causing an unbalanced circumference that could endanger yourself and passengers.


Aligning wheels is something is also extremely important, and this could severely affect the way the car drives. Some things to look out for on your own automobile include an uneven tyre circumference, whether your car veers off to either side, or a steering wheel that cannot stay aligned on straight roads. Rattling and vibrations may also occur when driving. These are all signs that there is some misalignment, so be sure to contact a professional right away!


This is perhaps one of the most aggravating automotive problems, yet it happens even to the best of us. A punctured tyre is no fun at all, and that is why repairing punctures should be a priority, even if it is small. You can take a car with a punctured tyre to any tyre repair shop, or even take the tyre itself if you have put a spare on the car. Some people may not even notice a puncture, instead, it may be a slow leak that you think you can repair easily. Some people even try to repair small punctures at home using over the counter products or repair kits. It is important that you don’t do this, however, as this is just a bandage for your tire and sooner, rather than later, that will fail and you will have a big problem on your hands. Instead, take your car to a professional for repairs.

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