A pest control technician from a company like Atlas Exterminator Co Inc helps homeowners when they discover signs of a termite infestation. The problem should be addressed promptly. By the time any signs appear, damage to the home’s wood has probably already occurred. If evidence of the termite colony was found outside, such as in a woodpile outside the garage, it may still be possible to prevent any damage to the house and any other buildings on the property if the residents act quickly.

Termites in Nature

Termites are helpful in nature because they chew up and eat dead wood, then later deposit waste material. The process converts the wood into nutrient-rich soil. The tunnels that termites dig in the ground allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of plants more easily.

This gradual destruction of dead wood is beneficial in the forest but can be a terrible situation for homeowners who have an infestation in the building. Since the bugs live underground and travel through the interior of wood, they may not be noticed until the colony is enormous.

Termite Use of Soil

An interesting aspect of termite colonies is the way they use the soil from their underground home. One strategy they try to use to stay hidden is to create narrow mud tubes on exterior surfaces, using dirt and their saliva. Then they can travel across concrete and other surfaces, and often nobody notices this odd little development.

Termites do not intentionally build honeycombs like bees and wasps do, but instead create them inadvertently as they move through the wood and consume it. The insects pack mud into these layers of hollow areas because they need a moist environment in order to survive. Since they spend so much time inside the wood, they essentially recreate their underground home within it.

Getting Prompt Assistance

Any indication of termite invasion should be evaluated as soon as possible by technicians from a company such as Atlas Exterminator Co Inc. They have the knowledge and tools to find and eliminate the insects and help with preventive measures for the future. Browse the Website and learn more.

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