There is no right time to get arrested but making arrangements to get out of jail is easier in the daytime. Banks are open, so a family member can get the money needed. Places of employment can be alerted to the possible absence in the morning. There are more hours to get the situation handled to avoid missing work. That is not how every arrest happens.

Any Hour

Arrests happen at all hours of the day and night. A traffic-stop on the way home from dinner and a movie, a barroom brawl that gets out of hand, or an altercation at the super store that never closes can all result in an arrest after normal business hours. Many other incidents may also result in an inopportune arrest. It is in these cases that 24 hour bail bonds in Atlanta come in handy.

Making Bail

In some cases, people are released on a promise to appear in court. Most people are required to make bail. That consists of paying the full amount set by the judge or getting a bail bond company to guarantee the court that the full amount will be paid if there is a failure to appear in court. A percentage of the bail is paid, and the company agrees to pay the rest. It is a high-risk venture.
A Co-signer

To offset the risk, most bond companies require a co-signer before providing services. This person is a family member or friend willing to guarantee the person arrested will be in court. If that does not happen, the co-signer has to pay the full amount of the bail to the bond company.

Another way to secure bail is to use collateral. A possession of value, such as a car, boat, business, or house is offered to the bond company if the party does not show up in court. This is risky for the person providing the collateral. It is not uncommon for people to lose their possessions if that court date is missed. Think twice before providing collateral for a friend or even family member.

Not All Companies Operate 24 Hours a Day

Some local bail bond companies operate for extended hours but may not be open the full 24 hours every day. That is most inconvenient at four in the morning. Finding a company that provides 24 hour bail bonds in Atlanta is as easy as going to

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