Just as visiting a medical doctor for regular checkups is necessary for overall good health, seeing a Family Dentist in Kona for periodic assessments and treatments is essential for optimal dental health. To benefit from the services of a dental expert, learn how to prepare for an initial examination. Doing this will help a dentist perform an examination more productively and efficiently. The following tips can assist with this task.

Complete All New Patient Forms

A primary way for a patient to have a positive initial visit is to fill out all patient forms. This group of forms typically includes a medical questionnaire. This form includes questions about a patient’s past and present medical and dental conditions. Be as accurate as possible, and provide requested information even when it seems a bit embarrassing. New patient forms can usually be obtained online from the dentist’s website. On request, new patient forms can be mailed to a patient’s home.

Make a List of Dental and Medical Problems

Even after listing dental and medical problems on a questionnaire, it’s beneficial to detail this information apart from the form. List symptoms and medications being taken for all health problems. A dentist will decide which medical problems are directly related to current dental problems. A Family Dentist in Kona will perform a consultation. During this assessment, be ready to answer questions posed by the dentist. It’s helpful to know major medical and dental problems family members are having as well.

Know What to Expect

To make an initial assessment calm and constructive, know what to expect. A dental specialist will inspect all parts of your mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. X-rays and other clinical tests may be performed to better view the internal parts of the mouth. An oral cancer screening may be done during this visit as well as additional testing to detect the presence of abnormal cells in the mouth.

By using these tips, a patient can undergo an examination in a straightforward manner. It will also enable a dentist to fully understand your dental health status so accurate diagnoses can be made. For information on dental services, please visit the website of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. This dental expert can adeptly perform cosmetic, general, restorative, and sedation dental services.

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