Give Your Pool or Patio a French Pattern Travertine Makeover

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Home and Garden

Whether you’ve purchased a new home or are remodeling your current home, you may have a patio or pool area in need of refurbishment or even a complete redesign. Many different types of stones work well outside, but travertine is one of the more interesting choices. A type of limestone, travertine offers a different look from the polished style of marble or subtlety of granite. It doesn’t hurt that travertine can cost much less than granite, making it the ideal choice to cover a large patio or even a bathroom floor.

Choosing the Right Travertine Design

If you’re thinking about installing travertine outside, the sheer variety of designs can make choosing one fun and exciting. Many factors have to be considered, including the shape and sizes of the travertine tiles. Choose ones that are too big, and you might have to purchase fewer of them, but find that you’re able to arrange them in such a way as to make the design look attractive. On the other hand, if the travertine is too small, you could end up paying for more stones that take more time to install, increasing the overall cost of having the travertine tiles installed.

One style that should be on your list is the French Pattern. French Pattern Travertine is different from other styles in that it offers greater design versatility than if you employed one of the more uniform travertine styles. French Pattern stones essentially come in different shapes that lock together as would the pieces of a puzzle. In fact, a puzzle would be a good way to describe the French Pattern, as the stones can all be cut to different sizes, just as one puzzle piece rarely resembles another. This means that the overall design can be adjusted depending on your patio or backyard’s size.

Get More Style and Substance for Less Money

Of particular note is that French Pattern Travertine can end up being cheaper to install than other types of travertine, making it a more attractive option. This enables you to purchase fewer overall tiles; you cover more ground faster with less cost.

Travertine in the French Pattern offers you increased style and substance at significant savings over regular marble or granite. With the flexibility in a design that it offers, you have greater creative control over how your finished patio or pool area will look with the travertine. With the way that French Pattern tiles are cut, you don’t have to buy any more than you need. You could even end up with spare stones to use in the unlikely event that any travertine needs to be replaced.

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