Too many children in the United States are overweight. This is for the same reasons their parents are often overweight. A lot of it has to do with the sedentary lifestyle that people have come to enjoy. While there is nothing wrong with children enjoying time on a computer or playing a video game, they need to have an adequate amount of active play as well. This playtime is healthiest for them, and the most peaceful for mom and dad, when it is enjoyed outside.

There have been numerous studies conducted that have proven the benefits of outdoor play for children. It does improve their weight and their health because it encourages them to get moving and stay moving. But it not just weight that is improved when parents encourage their children to go outside. Their overall health can be improved as well. Parents cannot sanitize the outdoors, and this actually benefits children. Being exposed to dirt and the occasional bacteria and pest boost the immune system.

Exposure to the sun also means exposure to Vitamin D, a necessity for good health. Not only will that sunlight make them healthy, it will also boost their mood and possibly their memory. Finally, outside play has been proven to increase the intelligence of children. It is a stimulating, multi-sensory experience that forces them to think differently than they do inside where everything is comfortable and predictable. Also, this is not pre-designed play with a story line already prepared for them as it would be with a video game or TV show. Kids use their imaginations when they play outside, in a more creative way than many ever will inside.

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