Many families who’ve lost loved ones place a beautiful grave marker or monument at the head of the grave. Along with having the deceased person’s name, date of birth and date of death engraved on the monument, the spouse usually has their name engraved on it at the same time. This shows that it’s a family stone. The company that engraves the stone assists with the choices of various colors of marble or granite that a family may want. Many different designs, such as flowers, birds, poems, hearts, or butterflies can be engraved on the stones.

Local Companies Assist Families With Choices

Monument companies assist families with the type of stone they want, its color, along with designs that are poignant and respectful for a life lived to the fullest. The monuments are meant to serve a lasting place where family members can visit to pay their respects. Some of the color choices are Canadian pink, Mahogany, Mountain rose, gray, and Impala black. The actual stones can be cut in various sizes to meet the needs and affordability of the family.

Cemetery Specifications

Most monument companies have been in business for so many years that they know the specifications and guidelines of cemeteries in the surrounding areas. It’s to a family’s benefit to make sure of the sizes allowed in various cemeteries before ordering the stone they want.

Older Monuments

When a number of years have passed, quite often the monuments will need to be cleaned. Talk to a monument company that works with Sand Blasting in Connecticut to clean the stone of debris that has caused it to become rough. Whey the job of sand blasting is completed, the stone will be as smooth as glass.

Finding a Company

Get in touch with one of the companies that specialize in creating gorgeous monuments using Sand Blasting in Connecticut. These companies talk with the deceased person’s family helping them decide how they’d like their family stone to look when completed. They can have Bible verses, songs, or Angels, intertwined with a photo of their loved one on the stone. Like funeral directors, most companies that are recommended by one family member will usually create beautiful head stones when needed by other family members.

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