Grave Markers in Connecticut can provide a lasting tribute for a special person who has passed on. A grave marker designates the spot where a deceased individual is buried, so that family, friends and future generations can visit at will. It is usually inscribed with a person’s full name, their date of birth and date of death. Besides these important notations, a grave marker can also be personalized to give the world a little glimpse of the life of this beloved soul.

Grave Markers

When a loved one passes on, it can be difficult for surviving family members to move forward without them. A grave marker helps to provide closure while honoring a loved one’s life at the same time. Since each cemetery has different guidelines for what’s allowed to be placed at the gravesite, it’s important to be familiar with the restrictions before ordering a marker of any kind.


When selecting a grave marker, the first thing that should be decided is the budget. This can help to determine the size of the stone that one can comfortably afford. If time allows, it can be very helpful to look at markers that others have used to see if any specific features or styles stand out. Once the family has an idea of what they want the overall design to look like, the type of stone should be decided upon. This can be anything from granite to bronze or even marble. Of course, the desired color may determine which material to create the marker from. Some popular color options include gray, rose, mahogany, pink and black. Special words, such as a favorite saying, pictures, and other personalized touches can also be added to a marker if the family wishes.

Grief can be difficult when a loved one departs, but finding closure can help to lessen the pain. Choosing a grave marker that honors the deceased in a memorable way can help to ease the pain and make visiting the gravesite easier in the future. Since Grave Markers in Connecticut will be a permanent reminder of that special someone, take as much time as necessary to plan it out, instead of rushing to get it done. For more information, please visit

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