Hammertoes Treatment in Kenosha WI Should be Done as Early as Possible

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Health

Feet provide the ability to move about and they often take a lot of abuse in the process. It’s important to properly care for them or mobility may be affected or become painful. There are several issues that can develop over time which may make getting around more difficult to do, such as hammertoes, a condition in which the toes are bent permanently in a downward position. When this occurs, it can restrict movement and cause pain when walking. Hammertoes Treatment in Kenosha WI offers solutions to correct this issue so that moving about can happen naturally again.


Hammertoes is a medical condition that occurs when the tendons on the top and the bottom of the toes become unbalanced, causing the toes to contract into a permanent downward position. The condition can be quite painful, and it may limit one’s ability to safely move about.

Loss of Mobility

When a patient is dealing with hammertoes, the toes do not function as they should. The top of the bent toes often rubs against one’s shoes, making it painful to walk. Hammertoes can be a result of arthritis, pressure from ill-fitting shoes, or the result of neurological changes in the foot. Mobility issues are a common occurrence due to the severity of pain that often accompanies this condition.


Hammertoes can be cured by using orthotics or by undergoing surgery to correct the condition. Orthotics can straighten the toes over time by increasing arch support in the foot, which will take the weight off of the toes and allow them to relax. If the hammertoes have become rigid, surgery may be necessary to release the tendons so that the toes can return to a normal position, instead of staying locked in an uncomfortable claw-like posture. Exercises for the feet and anti-inflammatory medication for pain can also aid in the treatment of hammertoes.

When seeking Hammertoes Treatment in Kenosha WI the earlier the problem is addressed the faster it can be reversed. Hammertoes can be quite painful and disrupt everyday life, but it is a treatable condition. For more information regarding hammertoes and available treatment options, please click here.

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