In Connecticut, dog attacks result from a failure on the owner’s part to maintain control over their pet. Local laws require the owner to keep the dog on a leash or runner when they are outside. A Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT prepares a legal claim for all victims who sustain injuries.

Were There Previous Attacks?

When starting a dog attack case, it is urgent to establish whether or not the dog was involved in previous attacks. Any dog owner who was aware of a violent temperament or aggressive nature is held to strict liability. Any history of previous attacks gives the victim additional tort-based awards based on the owner’s failures.

Was the Dog Vaccinated?

The animal control officer conducts an assessment to determine if the dog was vaccinated for the rabies virus. If not, the owner faces additional liabilities for the failure. The animal control officer issues a request for a quarantine period for the dog. It lasts up to twelve days and determines if the dog has rabies. The pet owner incurs all fees related to the quarantine, the medical assessment, and the vaccinations provided by the vet.

How Severe Were the Victim’s Injuries?

If a victim sustains serious injuries, it is likely that the dog is euthanized. Severe injuries indicate that the dog is a danger to the public. However, the investigation must determine that the victim was on and in the property with the consent of the owner. Additionally, the victim cannot provoke and abuse the dog without facing charges. If they broke the law, the victim wouldn’t receive an award.

What Award is Possible?

The victim receives an award that reflects all financial losses they sustained due to the attack. Tort-based awards are applied if strict liability was imposed. Some non-economic awards are provided according to any loss of bodily function, loss of limb, or permanent disfigurement.

In Connecticut, dog attacks lead to lawsuits against the owner based on their failure to prevent the event. The pet owners must maintain control over the animal at all times. An attorney helps victims who sustained injuries in a dog attack. Victims who need legal help contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT through Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP right now.

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