Latin dance clubs are popular with many age groups. Participants want to burn calories while having fun. Interestingly, Latin dance and Ballroom dancing are popular because of t.v. shows like “Dancing With The Stars.” Latin dances include the Mambo, Cha-Cha, Rumba and the popular Merengue.

The Roots Of Merengue

Merengue is the official dance of the Dominican Republic. Legend has it that the dance started with slaves working in the sugar fields. They were chained together and could only slide one leg to the beat of drums. In addition, a second myth says a local soldier was wounded in the leg. As a result, villagers welcomed him home by sliding one leg behind them.

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A Genre Of Music Is Born

The music that accompanies the dance quickly became known as Merengue music. Indeed, there are a couple of different styles of the music. Dominicans start with a Bolero and turn it into a Meringue. The Bolero is slower and the Merengue is similar to a fast Jive.

Merengue is similar to Dominican Bachata in that the steps are very simple. Further, very few turns are used in Merengue. If there are turns, they are more like simple steps than a fast spin. Likewise, dancers use a two-hand open hold with hands overhead to make a turn.

Merengue In America

The Latin dance was brought to New York by Dominican immigrants. The dance style was perfect for New York’s small dance clubs. More than anything, people thought the Merengue was great fun. Dancers in Latin clubs take advantage of the two-hand open hold to make patterns that resemble a pretzel. Additionally, couples dance very closely to do the Merengue.

The Ballroom Dance Has Strict Rules

Ballroom Merengue employs a lot of traditional Cuban hip action. Further, dancers are expected to have perfect posture and stay further apart than in a club dance. Basically, dancing is fun whether you want to compete or have fun. If you want to learn, try Merengue Dance Lessons Humble TX. The lessons are worth it for the experience, alone.

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