Having a reliable source of heat is important for Clayton area homeowners, but having a safe source of heat is even more important. Heating systems that do not function properly not only cost more money to operate, they pose a potential danger to the home’s occupants. Getting heating repairs in Clayton, OH, should at the top of all homeowners’ to-do lists.

As a rule, area heating professionals like Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning (kellyheatingandairoh.com) recommend having all heating and cooling systems serviced before heating or cooling seasons begin. In this area, that translates to contacting the service provider in September or early October for heating services and in April or May for cooling system services. Having systems readied for the season not only allows peace of mind, but also saves money, as properly functioning systems can easily save more than the cost of servicing in a single season.

Professional heating repairs in Clayton, OH includes cleaning and adjusting burners to ensure an efficient flame is present and inspecting operating systems to verify that thermostats and related electronics are functioning correctly. Technicians will often recommend replacing suspect items at this time to avoid a system failure when it is needed most.

At the same time, heating system professionals recommend cleaning duct systems to remove the dust, pollen and pet dander that frequently compromise a home’s air quality. While regularly replacing filters goes a long way to keeping air clean, ducts will get dirty over time. Cleaning is an inexpensive way to improve indoor air quality throughout the year. This type of cleaning is especially important in homes where any occupants suffer from respiratory problems. Ask the technician providing heating repairs in Clayton, OH, to recommend needed maintenance.

All heating and cooling appliances will need replacement at some point. When substantial repairs are required for an older furnace or air conditions, technicians providing heating repairs in Clayton, OH, will recommend replacing the unit. In addition to the actual cost of the repairs, there is another important element to consider when opting to repair or replace a unit. Older units are notoriously inefficient, and replacing an inefficient unit will significantly reduce utility bills. While the pros and cons need to be weighed, replacement is often the better option. Keeping all systems functioning properly will help to keep families safe year round.

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