If you live in an area that receives lots of rainfall, snowfall or sleet, you learn quickly to carry an umbrella with you everywhere. In turn, your kids see you always carrying an umbrella and, as children love to emulate their parents, soon enough they’ll want one of their own. Most parents try to take the easy way out and purchase an inexpensive umbrella. However, buying one with inferior materials will only cause it to get dirty or ruined faster. Instead, here are a few tips for finding top-notch kids umbrellas with high-quality materials, solid structure, and creative design that your kids will love.

Note the Weight and Size
When buying kids umbrellas, make sure it’s the proper weight and size for children. Most umbrellas for kids are small enough to fit in a backpack, cubby or child’s closet – yet big enough to keep off the rain. The umbrella’s height is also important, as your child will be mostly carrying it around. If the umbrella is too tall when folded up, it’ll look like your child is carrying an awkward club around. Too short, and it might look like a cane.

Test Out the Material
They also should be constructed from durable materials to ensure they’ll last through every playground tussle, field run and baseball game. At the same time, you want a material that’s also lightweight. These are kids, after all, and unless they’ve been pumping some serious iron, their little arms will get tired of holding a heavy umbrella. Instead, look for something on the lighter side that’s still made with high – caliber components. Look for steel shafts in the canopy for stronger rain-blockage.

Look at the Creative Design
For kids, looks can be everything. The way their umbrella appears will be an extension of them, so it’s important that your children enjoy the design. Unless it’s a present, you should probably let them pick it out. Kids umbrellas often come in a variety of whimsical designs, from solid colors to animals. One swath of color, or a combination of two, can be a great design choice. Kids love to pick out their favorite color and umbrella-design is no exception. It also makes picking out clothes easier, enabling you to match their rainy day outfits to the umbrella. Whether it’s cats or dogs, animal patterns are also a perennial favorite. Your children will be able to pick out their favorite animals or even ones that resemble your family pets.

Whether its snow, rain or sleet, kids umbrellas are the perfect way to keep your children protected from the elements. The next time it storms outside, your children will stay dry with high-quality kids umbrellas from Raintec Umbrella.

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