Electrical issues can be dangerous. Switches that pop or sizzle during use, lights that flicker, weird humming sounds, or circuit breakers that trip on a regular basis may require electric repair in Westfield, IN. Electric problems can happen at any time, so it’s important to have a licensed professional electrician do an inspection when something seems out of the ordinary.

Choosing an Electrician

Finding a licensed electrician who is insured and bonded is crucial for making certain any repair or new installation is done safely and meets current codes. Burtner Electric handles all types of electrical work and stands behind the job they do. They have been caring for residential and commercial customers in Central Indiana for over 33 years and can be reached 24 hours a day if an emergency requires assistance outside of normal business hours.

Electrical Emergencies

If something seems out of the ordinary, such as excessive electrical surges or a circuit breaker that trips frequently, it may be time for electric repair in Westfield, IN. If a burning smell or an unfamiliar buzzing sound is present, don’t hesitate to call for help no matter what the hour it is. Wires that are old or damaged can easily start a fire in a wall if left unattended. Rather than waiting and taking a chance that a fire won’t happen, it’s advisable to have an electrician check out the problem as soon as it’s noted.

When to Replace Wiring

Aluminum wire was used in some buildings that were constructed around 40 years ago. Today, copper wire is the standard, as it is a much safer option. Any type of wire that shows signs of age, or wire that has been severely damaged, should be replaced before it overheats, as this could potentially cause a fire.

Electrical Needs

Sometimes, electric help may be necessary for non-emergency issues. Installing outside lighting, adding additional outlets, and running new lines for a renovation or addition are a few of the services that may require a professional electrician. Hiring a licensed and bonded electrical contractor will guarantee that local codes are met and that the job is completed in a safe manner.

When working with electricity, it’s advisable to leave it in the hands of a licensed electrician. Improper wiring can result in electric shock or even a fire. Always remember to put safety first in any job.

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