Hire a Property Management Company and Gain Extra Support in Your Corner

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Real Estate

Handling situations involving tenants who have neglected to pay their rent, ignored outlined leasing conditions, or caused significant damage to the property are generally unpleasant experiences for landlords.  Many may procrastinate when it comes to sending out notifications, terminating leases, or pursuing an unlawful detainer lawsuit.  When legal action needs to be taken to rectify a worsening situation with a tenant, some property owners may not know where to begin.  Landlords who work with a property management company often gain a sense of security in doing so, as qualified agents possess extensive legal knowledge regarding tenant and landlord codes of conduct.  Property managers often assume the responsibility of warning and evicting undesirable tenants, which takes much of the weight off of their clients’ shoulders.

Fair Notification
While notification procedures differ for each state, an unlawful detainer lawsuit cannot be pursued against a fixed-term tenant until proper notice has been given.  Unless otherwise specified, notifications are typically handled by a property management company.  Madison professionals will take a genuine interest in the welfare of your investment and swiftly confront non-paying and disrespectful tenants.  For example, if a tenant has not paid rent, your manager may issue a pay or quit notice which gives the renter a designated amount of time to make the payment.  Notices are also given if a renter fails to follow the restrictions outlined in their rental agreement.  If a tenant is caught smoking or with a pet in their apartment, for example, they will likely receive a cure or quit notice.  Cure or quit notices, like pay or quit notices, give renters time to address their wrongdoing.

Less Stressful Evictions
After a tenant has received fair notice yet has not corrected the issue, your agent will work to remove the renter as quickly as possible.  Experienced managers will understand the importance of documenting any dealings with the tenant and will represent you in court with the information they have collected.  Once a writ of possession has been issued by law enforcement, the tenant will be given an allotted amount of time to vacate the premises indefinitely.  After the eviction process is complete, your property manager will immediately begin marketing the vacancy to newer, higher quality tenants.

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