Contemplating a divorce will lead to a lot of questions that friends and family can’t answer. Friends and family have good intentions when they offer advice, but it might not be the legal answers a Divorce Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO can offer. Family laws change very frequently and so does the view of judges who approve or deny divorce proceedings. An experienced divorce attorney will know all of the changes and is familiar with the judges in the courthouse. A lawyer will provide legal solutions to complex problems and help an individual achieve their desired outcome to the situation.

Protecting Assets

Many couples today have a lot of assets before they get married and protecting the assets that were acquired before a marriage is very important. If an individual had a large amount of money in their 401K, a home, or business before they were married, they should be excluded from the property settlement. Calculating these figures is a daunting task that a Divorce Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO can perform.

Reaching An Agreement On Assets And Debts

Determining who gets the house, cars, assets, or debt can be a sticking point for a divorce. It’s always best if a couple tries to work this out through mediation. If a couple cannot agree, a trial will be held in front of a judge who will make the determination for them. If the parties don’t like the judge’s determination, they will have to appeal to a higher court, that will cost additional money to settle the case.

Child Custody

Determining where the children will live and how they will spend their time is usually part of a divorce proceeding. The best interest of a child has always the driving force of a custody determination. A parenting plan will be established that is very detailed about who the child will live with, how their breaks from school are spent, where a child will go to school and how the expenses of their education or extra activities will be paid.

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