When someone has a dog they like to keep contained on their property; a fence is usually present. A wood fence is prone to damage if the dog decides to dig or bite at the wood structure being used to keep the animal safe. Here are some steps that can be taken to minimize the chances of damage to a wood fence if a dog is going to be kept inside its perimeter.

Try Teaching The Dog Boundaries First

Before placing a dog in a fenced area, it is a good idea to try to teach the pet not to get too close to the perimeter of the containment system if possible. This can be done by using an invisible fencing system. Small posts are buried in the ground along the border the dog’s owner does not wish for the dog to cross. The dog will wear a collar that will give the animal a small jolt if it gets too close to one of the posts. This is an effective way of teaching boundaries and can be stopped after several weeks.

Add A Layer Of Metal To The Interior

Placing rigid metal along the interior portion of fencing can protect it from wear. If the dog does not bother to get too close to the metal, it can be removed after a few weeks. The dog can then be observed to see if it continues to be uninterested in the fencing. If the dog starts to scratch or bite at the wood, the metal can be replaced.

Call A Repair Service To Make Repairs Promptly

If a dog causes damage to wood fencing, it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. This will minimize the chance of further damage happening to the wood planks and may help keep the dog from getting too close to the wood again in the future. A Fence Repair In Contractor Nassau County can be called to do the job.

When there is a need to hire a Fence Repair Contractor Nassau County, finding one with competitive prices is always a plus. Call Precision Fence LLC or visit the website today to find out more.

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