Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer In Hollywood, FL For A Product’s Liability

by | May 16, 2016 | Lawyers

In Florida, all federal consumer laws are upheld. These laws protect consumers against unethical manufacturers. Circumstances pertaining to these unethical manufacturers include the release of unsafe products. Any consumer who sustains injuries as a result of using a product has a viable claim under these laws. A Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL helps these victims seek damages for their injuries.

Reporting the Product to the CRPA

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency enforces all federal laws pertaining to consumers. These laws allow the removal of all products that are hazardous to consumers. The agency has the authority to investigate claims made by consumers once they sustain injuries. The agency also issues a recall for products once a risk is discovered.

Understanding How a Recall Works

A product recall is issued by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The recall requires one of two actions. Either the manufacturer must provide a refund to consumers, or they must provide a repair for the product. A recall removes all copies of the product from retail stores as well. Any consumer who sustained an injury is compensated through a lawsuit.

Presenting Medical Evidence

Medical evidence is required to support the consumer’s claim. They must provide medical records of their injuries and the treatment used. The doctor must provide testimony about the injuries and their severity level. They must present exact evidence connecting the product to the injury.

When There are More Victims

A recall heightens awareness of dangerous products. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency works with the law firm that filed the initial claim. All victims who sustained injuries while using the product are directed to the designated law firm. A larger number of victims may equate to multiple lawsuits. This may warrant the need for class-action claims for the consumers.

In Florida, federal laws continue to protect consumers. These laws prevent manufacturers from releasing products with known risks. Minimal risks require the manufacturer to provide a warning label for consumers. The warning label should outline any circumstance that could produce an injury. Victims who have suffered after using a consumer-based product must hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL or Browse Site for additional information today.

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