Hiring Contractors for Roofing Services in Omaha

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Roofing

Nebraska homeowners make a significant investment in their home when they put on a new roof. They want that roof to stand the test of time. They hire roofing contractors for roofing services in Omaha. Hiring a skilled roofer brings value to the roofing project, but an unskilled roofer can end up costing a homeowner more in the long run through diminished roof life or future repair costs. Follow these suggestions to avoid hiring an unqualified roofing contractor.


Talk to neighbors, co-workers, and friends about roofing contractors they have used in the past. Were they satisfied with the project results? Pay close attention to contractors who are recommended multiple times. If there is a particular type of roofing material the homeowner is interested in using, focus on companies that are experienced installers for that roofing material. Contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure there have not been any claims filed against any of the recommended roofers. Read reviews on websites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, or Google. Write down several recommended contractors to contact for an estimate.

Written Estimate

Contact at least three recommended contractors for an estimate. Do not assume that the lowest price will be the best value. A lower offer may end up costing more money in the long run if repairs become necessary. When considering estimates, be sure to understand any price differences. Factors such as the expected life of the roofing materials and product warranties may drive price differences. When considering warranties, realize that most manufacturer warranties become void if there is an error in the installation process. Some contractors will stand behind their work and offer customers a labor warranty on top of manufacturer warranties. To know more Click here.

Verify Insurance Information

Roofing work can be dangerous, and if a homeowner hires a contractor without insurance, they can be held financially responsible for any losses that occur as a result of the accident. It is critically important to verify contractors have an adequate liability insurance policy before any work begins.

Look Locally

When making the final determination on hiring a roofing contractor, look for a company with a well-established history in the Omaha area. Hiring locally means establishing a relationship with a company for the future. If any problems occur with the roof, a local company is easy to locate and contact. For more information about Roofing Services in Omaha, contact Lastime Exteriors.

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