Hiring Light Duty Towing in Columbus OH

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Towing Service

Just about everyone experiences some kind of situation that requires the use of a Light Duty Towing service. From flat tires, to dead engines, it’s inevitable that some sort of breakdown will require a trip to the garage. There are plenty of companies in most areas, and they can usually send someone out to help a customer in a reasonable time frame. Even so, several considerations should be kept in mind when hiring a towing company.

Not all Light Duty Towing in Columbus OH companies are the same. Towing should be completed in a manner that keeps a vehicle free from additional damage. It’s also imperative that it is secure as a safety measure to other drivers on the road. One good indicator is the length of time that the towing company has been in business. Reliable and safe companies tend to stick around. Almost all towers are available on a 24-hour basis. Which is a good thing; because it seems car issues just have to happen in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere.

Service providers should be licensed and fully insured. Towing trucks are required to display their license number, in fact. Insurance is an absolute must, especially liability coverage for possible damage to the vehicle, or other people. Ask how the service calculates the towing fee. Is it flat rate up to a reasonable distance? What is the extra mileage? How do they prefer to be paid? Does your insurance of AAA cover/reimburse the fee? Ask the service if they have any deals with a local garage that adds the cost of towing to the garage’s repair bill.

Some people may be tempted to avoid a towing fee by using a friend’s truck and towing straps/chains. This is not wise, because towing chains are notoriously unpredictable and offer little stable control for a vehicle. It puts the vehicle and other drivers at risk. Plus, insurance clams may be denied if they are used and an accident occurs. Be safe, be smart, and hire a professional Light Duty Towing Columbus OH service. It’s not worth the risk to go cheap when your car and the lives of other people are at stake.

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