When a couple gets married, capturing the moment is sure to be upon the minds of those involved in the celebration. There are several steps that can be taken to help those getting married in remembering their special day. Try some of the following tips to help in keeping the memory of the event alive in the future.

Ask Guests To Contribute With Their Own Photographs

Throwaway cameras can be placed on each chair provided during the wedding ceremony. Guests can be instructed to take photographs at their leisure with these devices. They can then bring the cameras to reception if one will be held. At the end of the reception, cameras can be left at each place-setting for the wedding couple to retrieve. They will then be able to develop the film and keep the photographs. Alternately, an email address can be provided to each guest so pictures can be sent to the couple after the wedding has ended.

Hire A Videographer To Capture The Event

Calling a business offering Wedding Video Services in Lexington KY is the best way to get footage of the entire event. A professional videographer will be available to get the highlights of a event in digital form. They will then take the footage they obtain and edit it so unnecessary portions are not included in the final video they present to the couple of the event. A videographer will know the proper locations for capturing footage so lighting will be ample and so all details are included.

Use A Photo Booth And Include A Memory Book

Many couples will rent a photo booth for their special day. This allows guests to dress up in included props, giving them quite a few laughs while keeping them entertained. Asking each guest to have their photo taken will give the couple a memory of who had attended the wedding. A memory book can also be displayed for guests to write words of wisdom for the couple to enjoy.

When there is a desire to hire Wedding Video Services in Lexington KY, finding a business known for their expertise and competitive pricing is best. Contact First String Media Productions today to find out more.

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