Home Cleaning for Your New House

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Business

Congratulations, you’ve found an amazing new home! You may feel like moving in should happen as quickly as possible, but your moving checklist should include getting the new home clean and ready for you. The home is likely to never be as empty as it is now, which makes it a prime time for getting it to your liking. We’ll give you some tips for this first cleaning to make it simple if you aren’t planning to hire Bellevue cleaners.

Bathrooms First

The first thing you should do is clean up the bathroom. You may be spending a day in the home doing cleaning and the bathroom can be one of the most germ-filled areas you’ll encounter. The past residents may have cleaned up the room, but it’s somewhere that extra cleaning will not hurt.

Start out by replacing the toilet seat and cover, if possible, as these are easy to install and inexpensive. You might also want to clean behind the toilet and behind the sink, if possible. Clean the shelves, medicine cabinet, and do a thorough scrubbing of the bathtub or shower with soap scum remover.

Next the Kitchen

After the bathroom is taken care of, it’s time to move to the kitchen. You can begin by removing grates, knobs, and other parts of the stove. Remove the drawers and shelves from the refrigerator, too. Let all of those things soak in a tub while you clean up surfaces like counters and appliances. Use the self-cleaning function on the oven, although you may still need to do some scrubbing afterward.

You should also move all appliances away from the wall for a good cleaning. The drawers and cabinets can also be wiped out with a damp cloth. If you like to use drawer lining, put those down once you’re complete so you’re ready to unpack once you get moved over.

Everything Else

In other rooms, pay attention to the doors, light fixtures, floors, walls, and windows. To see if the walls need cleaning, rub a clean cloth on a wall to see what comes up. You may only need to dust but if you clean the walls, use a safe cleaning product. Make sure not to forget the doorknobs, which are notorious for germs.

The Final Option

It can be pretty chaotic during a major move and the idea of cleaning, packing, and moving can be anxiety provoking. If you want to knock down some of that stress, consider professional Bellevue cleaners. The experts at Rain City Maids provide amazing cleaner services at affordable prices. To find out more, call the office at 425-678-3739.


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