When hospice care is part of home care, one of the family members of the patient normally serves as the primary caregiver. Hospice patients who opt for care in their homes often prefer familiar surroundings. So, when this type of home care is initiated, members of the hospice team make regularly-scheduled visits. These visits support the caregiver’s efforts in assessing the patient and offering supportive services.

Developing a Comprehensive Plan of Care

Therefore, home nursing care services involve developing a comprehensive plan of care that meets with the needs of each hospice patient. Palliative care is rendered that ensures pain management and control. Usually, the support team is made up of the following medical professionals:

  • The hospice patient’s family physician
  • The hospice physician
  • Nursing staff
  • Home health aides
  • Social work staff members
  • The clergy or other counselors
  • Hospice volunteers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Physical therapists

Staying Focused on a Patient’s Needs

Needless to say, when hospice care extends to home nursing care services, the activity becomes patient- and family-focused. All the members of the medical team concentrate solely on the comfort of the hospice patient and his or her specific needs. These needs may be defined as physical, mental, or spiritual. The goal of this kind of care then is to control the symptoms and pain so that a patient feels less distress and loved ones can participate.

The Cost and Payment Associated with Care

Typically, hospice care is covered by most insurers whether it is featured at a medical facility or is made available through home nursing care services. Medicare and Medicaid also support this type of end-of-life care. The hospice in this instance receives a remittance from the patient’s insurer on a per diem basis. Therefore, care services are offered at a daily rate that is fixed.

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