Homeowners who are looking for Tile Flooring Roslyn suppliers are in luck. Flooring suppliers such as Anthony’s World of Floors have a wide range of flooring materials including ceramic flooring choices. And, if a homeowner wants other flooring types in adjoining rooms, this supplier has many kinds of flooring to choose from. A homeowner can find a whole house full of coordinating floors and then get them installed by installation professionals. New floors make a home look new and fresh again.

Tile flooring

Tile Flooring Roslyn choices are extensive and competitively priced. There are thousands of colors and patterns of tile floors to choose from. Because ceramic tile is formed in molds, it can come in many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.Tile flooring can also be cut from stone such as slate, marble, or granite. Tile flooring can be made into patterns and have border designs and even center medallions. This is a product that may be best installed by professional tile setters.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can come in several different forms. They are all installed as individual boards that are nailed, glued, or clicked together to form a whole floor. Solid wood floors are thicker and consist of the same wood all the way through. Solid wood floors can come unfinished or prefinished. Engineered wood floors have a plywood or engineered wood base with a layer of real wood as the surface layer. Engineered wood floors come prefinished. Professional wood floor installers are needed.

Laminate wood flooring is a manufactured product sold in board form to look like wood. The core of the boards is a manufactured product, then a photographic wood layer is added and a strong vinyl layer put on top. All the layers are laminated together. This laminate can also mimic other materials such as stone or brick. Laminate flooring is manufactured with a click together edge that makes it easier for homeowners to install on their own.


Rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms are perfect areas to use carpet. Carpet gives a softer, warmer flooring feel. Carpet is made of natural or synthetic fibers attached to a backing and the resulting 12-foot wide flooring is stretched over padding. Carpets can be used on imperfect floors to make them look better. Carpet comes at many prices and can be changed with more ease than other flooring types.

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