Many Fairfax house hunters choose homes with basements that can increase living and storage space. However, too often, owners find that dampness makes their basements virtually unusable. Fortunately, professional basement waterproofing service in Fairfax VA solves the problem for many property owners. Experts who provide the service can increase usable space, help make homes healthier, and strengthen foundations.

Waterproofing Increases Home Values

Home basements have the potential to become recreation areas, laundry facilities, mother-in-law apartments, or even guest rooms. However, seeping water, cracked foundations, and other problems prevent basements from being usable, which can reduce home values. With that in mind, homeowners often contact Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. and have experts evaluate problems and offer solutions. Specialists are able to repair cracks, install drainage systems, and provide sump pumps. They can waterproof crawl spaces, add vents, and install moisture control systems. Once they complete work, it is easy for homeowners to keep basements clean and dry.

Basement Waterproofing Can Prevent Mold

Technicians who provide Basement Waterproofing Service in Fairfax VA will detect any type of mold that is present. The fungus only needs warm temperatures, moisture, and a food source to grow quickly and contaminate the air. Unfortunately, mold can feed on furniture, paper, clothing, and building materials. When technicians find the problem, they locate and remove all traces of mold using industry-approved methods. They repair mold damage and arrange for indoor air specialists to test homes and ensure air is safe and clean.

Moisture Proofing Protects Home Foundations

When professionals waterproof basements, they also look for signs of foundation problems. Some are due to cracked walls that allow water to seep in or even lead to flooding. Foundations can also be damaged by issues like tree roots, poor exterior drainage, or changing soil conditions. Technicians can detect all of these and recommend solutions. Solutions may range from reinforcing foundations to installing hydrostatic pressure relief systems. Companies that provide the services make them as affordable as possible and generally offer financing plans.

Waterproofing contractors can find the reasons for damp basements and flooding and will repair the problems. They also inspect homes for signs of mold and remove all traces of the fungus. In addition, technicians are able to detect and repair a range of home foundation issues.

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