One of the best ways to remain on top of any health related issues and stave off future complications is to develop a relationship with a family doctor. General practitioners get to know their patients and track any changes that may occur so serious issues receive treatment before they result in debilitating problems. Here is a quick look at the various ways Wichita Family Medicine Specialists stay on top of their patient’s health and assist them in obtaining relief when medical issues arise.

Specialist Care Coordination

Some diagnoses require the care and supervision of a medical professional trained in the latest treatment modalities. When a general physician makes a recommendation to a specialist, their work doesn’t end there. In addition to coordinating an appointment time, they will also transfer any pertinent medical records to the specialist and offer support after an appointment, so a person remains on the path to recovery.

Urgent Care Services

Illness and physical trauma typically occur without notice and leave a person feeling miserable. While the emergency room is an option, the services provided are generally at an elevated cost, and in some instances, it takes several hours to be seen by a doctor. A family clinic offers urgent care and same day sick appointments, so established patients have access to quality care without waiting or spending a fortune.

Comprehensive Testing

Not all medical conditions are easy to diagnose, and some require the use of advanced blood tests or x-rays. It is frustrating when a facility doesn’t provide these in-house and often leads to delays in treatment. A clinic that has an on-site laboratory and x-ray processing facility will provide top-notch care at a moment’s notice and present a patient with the treatment they need to gain relief.

The best way to prevent and treat any medical ailments a person may experience is to establish a relationship with a family doctor. The team at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists offers care to clients of all ages and makes it easy to stay in the best possible health. Visit to learn more about the services they provide and take the first step in overcoming and preventing adverse health conditions once and for all.

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