Much like sinks and tables, pegboards are a necessary part of a lab. Pegboard hooks and accessories are applied to pegboards so that different functions of the lab may easily be organized. A fabrication company can custom make pegboards so that it fits the specific functions that a laboratory desires.

The Variability of Pegboards

Pegboards are excellent in laboratories or similar type of workspace due to the variety of tools and materials that you can install on them. A board with varying pegboard hooks and accessories attached can be host to an assortment of tools such as flasks, beakers, lids, pencils, scissors, goggles, etc. It’s an excellent place to hang your equipment to dry without reserving precious countertop space. Troughs may also be included to hold sensitive materials at each workstation.

Pegboards Suitable For A Lab

Pegboards may be derived from multiple types of materials including wood or metal. Small workshops or home garages have no problem opting for a cheap solution like wood since they are not dealing with sensitive chemicals. You must do your homework to determine what kind of material is suitable for your laboratory based on the materials that you are working with.

Epoxy resin pegboards are custom made into a uniform and durable surface, ideal for a lab. These pegboards may be safer in a lab setting since it lacks the conductivity and flammability that other materials have. Furthermore, the lack of permeable material or pores is desirable to prevent a build up of contaminants collecting inside of the board. Epoxy also lacks the tendency to stain when in contact with most chemicals.

A pegboard is a great addition to reduce clutter in your lab, but you should ensure that you do get the proper material and board if working with hazardous liquids or chemicals.

AGR Fabricators is one of the top suppliers of lab equipment including pegboard hooks and accessories for Southern Florida. They have been fitting labs with custom equipment for over 30 years. They will assemble any custom size of pegboard along with reagent tops or fume hood tops if necessary.

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