The foundation of a home ensures the structure remains stable and doesn’t move or shift as settling and other natural issues arise. If a foundation becomes compromised, it will likely cause the structural integrity of a house to become compromised, and it may also allow water to infiltrate a space and lead to the formation of dangerous mold and mildew. Professional Basement Foundation Repair in Rockville will remedy the issue and ensure a home is safe for occupancy for years to come.

Initial Evaluation

A technician will first examine the extent of the damage and look at the area surrounding to crack to determine the cause. They will measure the depth and width of the fissure and then develop a plan to repair it and seal it so that it will not degrade in the future and allow water to flow inside. The contractor will also inspect other areas of the foundation to determine if the issue is isolated or widespread and warrant the expertise of a structural engineer.

Crack Repair and Sealant Application

Once the evaluation is complete, the technician will begin the process of repairing the crack. First, they will chip away any loose cement to ensure that the sealant will adequately adhere to the foundation elements. Next, they will inject an epoxy material to fill in the crack and apply a sealant over the surface, which will prevent water from passing through.

Pressure Relief Drain System

Hydrological pressure is one of the leading causes of an underground foundation leak, and the use of a pressure relief drain system will help regulate it. The company providing Basement Foundation Repair in Rockville will dig out the foundation around the perimeter of a basement and install a trench system filled with rock. As water enters the trench, it will be channeled away from the property, prevent leaks, and reduce the total amount of pressure exerted by outside water sources.

Ignoring issues related to a foundation can lead to disaster and may cause a home to become unsafe for habitation. Fortunately, the team at Armored Basement Waterproofing are standing by to help and will have any issues repaired as quickly as possible. Call to learn more and speak with a leader in home waterproofing techniques today. Follow us on Twitter.

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