Hair loss affects millions of men and women every year, and while there are a variety of products that claim to encourage regrowth and prevent additional loss, few of them deliver reliable results. Rather than using dangerous chemicals, more and more people are choosing to install Hair Extensions in Phoenix, as they provide a natural look. Before an individual determines if extensions are right for them, they should understand the installation process and the various benefits they provide.

Weft Creation

The first step is to create the wefts that will be installed into the person’s hair. A stylist will first source a hair type that will match the existing hair a person has and then dye it so that it matches their natural color. Finally, they will sew the strands together to create several wefts, which are full sections of hair that will be sewn into the existing hairline, and provide a natural look after installation.

Hair Preparation

Once the wefts are ready for installation, the next step is to prepare the hair for the installation process. It is best to not cut the hair directly before installation, as this will make blending the hair pieces more complicated. Before the wefts are sewn in, the stylist will create a variety of sections throughout the hair and pin each one back so that they are easy to locate.

Installation and Styling

The last phase involves installing the wefts, which is when a stylist clips the Hair Extensions in Phoenix into the hair and then uses a thin thread to sew them into the existing hairline. Once all of the wefts are in place, they will inspect the work for loose threads. Finally, they will cut the hair so that the extensions blend in seamlessly, and then style it to give a person the long, thick hair they have always wanted.

While there are a variety of ways to overcome hair loss, few of them beat the ease of hair extensions. The team at Donte’s of New York provides a range of hair loss treatments, including custom extensions. Visit the Site to learn more and see why extensions have become a go-to way to overcome the embarrassment of thin hair.

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