A root canal is a dental procedure that can be used to save your tooth when the structure has become unstable. The structure of your tooth can be compromised through gum disease, cavities, and infections. When this happens, you could be at risk for losing your tooth. To avoid needing an extraction, the dentist can perform this simple procedure on your tooth, cleaning out the root structures and preventing further damage. Through a root canal in Knoxville TN, your tooth may be able to be saved. What Can Be Expected From a Root Canal in Knoxville TN?


A root canal is a minor dental procedure that many people are afraid of, simply because they are not aware of what exactly happens during the procedure. The process for performing a root canal involves cleaning out the inner structure of the tooth, removing the soft tissue, nerves, and any infection or decay. This leaves the tooth completely clean and prevents you from feeling any further pain. A root canal is performed by opening the tooth and removing all the inner structures. The insides of the root structures are then scraped with canal files. These special tools help to remove any lingering residue, tissue, or infection. Once removed, the tooth is completely rinsed out and sealed with a filling.

If you were to have any infection in the tooth, the dentist may seal your tooth with a temporary filling, so you can be healed of your infection before the tooth is permanently sealed. Once you’ve completely healed from the procedure, you should no longer feel pain from the tooth, because the nerve has been removed. If the structure of the tooth has been compromised in any way, the dentist may make the decision to place a cap or crown over the tooth, to further aid in its stability. If you have been told by the dentist you need a root canal, there is no reason for you to wait. Now that you know how simple the process is, you will be better prepared to undergo your root canal treatment. For further information on this and other dental procedures, Click Here.

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