When you feel good about your appearance, you are generally more likely to have a better level of comfort in social situations. Thus, when your teeth are white and bright instead of stained and yellow, it may be easier for you to laugh and smile when you interact with other people. Zoom whitening is an effective way to make your smile even whiter and brighter than you may have thought possible.

What is Zoom Whitening?
Zoom is a teeth whitening system available in the dental office. It uses a gel featuring 25 percent hydrogen peroxide along with ultra-violent light to bleach your teeth. The treatment is a proven way to lighten any discoloration in your teeth’s dentin and enamel. Discoloration has several causes, including the consumption of tea, soda and coffee.

The Treatment Process
Gel will be applied to your teeth as part of the first step of the process of Zoom whitening. Farmington Hills dentists then use a powerful chairside lamp to accelerate the process of bleaching your teeth. The peroxide in the gel breaks down, thus allowing oxygen to enter your teeth’s dentin and enamel in order to bleach any stained substances on your teeth. The structure of each tooth remains unchanged.

During the process, you can expect the gel to be applied to your teeth three times at 15-minute intervals. Afterward, a fluoride paste will be applied to your teeth in order to reduce sensitivity caused by the whitening treatment. The process typically takes about an hour to complete.

Additional Information
It is worth noting that Zoom isn’t recommended for kids under 13. It is also not suggested for lactating or pregnant women. You may benefit from undergoing a regular dental cleaning prior to going through a Zoom session. After you finish your session, your dentist will likely provide you with a touch-up kit that features whitening trays custom-fitted for your teeth. You can use these at home to maintain your teeth’s whiteness.

Through Zoom, you can effortlessly improve your smile. A quality dental office can provide this treatment along with other important dental care services.

Dwoskin & Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can make your teeth shades whiter in just one hour. To find out more about Zoom treatment, visit Myperfectsmiledds.com.

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