How Chimney Repair in Bergen County NJ Can Add Beauty to Your Home and Years to Your Life

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Many people enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in their homes each winter. While you may believe that the chimney that’s attached to that beautiful fireplace you have is purely for decorative purposes, it actually has one of the most important jobs in your home – keeping dangerous gases from building up in your home and becoming a danger to your family. Unfortunately, some homeowners continue to neglect their chimneys year after year. If this sounds like you, continue reading to find out why you need to begin investing in chimney maintenance and repair now:


Because the mortar that holds the bricks of your chimney together is water-soluble, it can begin to dissolve as it is exposed to water and weather changes. Unfortunately, this can cause holes in your chimney through which water can seep in and ruin the interior or your home, and even your foundation. If the holes lead to problems with your flue lining, you could be in for a much bigger problem, such as an influx of carbon monoxide in your home.

Flue Lining

The purpose of your chimney flue is to aid in the combustion process by guiding potentially harmful gases up through the chimney so that they can be deposited on the outside of the home. Maintaining your chimney flue is of the utmost importance for the following reasons:

1. Creosote, which is an oil-like byproduct of combustion, can easily build up on your flue. When this happens, you are actually setting yourself up for a chimney fire, as creosote can ignite a fire as the gases from your fireplace move up the flue lining.

2. Cracks in the chimney flue can also cause major problems. These cracks and holes may allow dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to enter the home. This can also happen if your chimney flue becomes blocked with debris. These things, in turn, can cause serious respiratory issues and may even lead to death.

Fireplaces and chimneys can add a lot of beauty and warmth to your home. However, it is vital that you make the commitment to maintaining both their beauty and their function by having them serviced on a regular basis. If you’re in need of Chimney Repair in Bergen County NJ, click here to get more information on how you can secure both your family’s safety and your peace of mind b having your chimney checked for damages.

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