When it comes to great oral health, many people measure this by the brightest and whitest smile. However, the fact is that you may have some underlying oral health issues that make you susceptible to conditions such as advanced tooth decay and loss of bone in your jaw. However, when you opt for Implant Dentistry Las Vegas you can increase your oral health and prevent more serious problems from occurring.


Some of the most prevalent benefits offered by Implant Dentistry Las Vegas are highlighted here.

Closest Thing to Natural Teeth

Dental implants are stable and strong and will restore any lost or missing tooth so that it fits, feels, functions and looks like your other, natural teeth. Any other option, such as dentures or bridges may actually lead to even more deterioration of the jaw bone, which can then interfere with your daily activities such as speaking, smiling and eating.

Implants are Designed to Last

The traditional dental bridge, is only designed to last for a time period between five and seven years and with proper care may last over 10 years; however, at some point they will have to be replaced. A dental implant will likely need some periodic adjustments, but when cared for properly they can last an entire lifetime.

A more Predictable Option

A dental implant has a proven track record of long-term success and the outcome that it offers is much more predictable than any other treatment that is used for the replacement or repair of your missing teeth and this includes any removable appliances, bridgework and even the retreatment of a root canal.

Offers Protection for Existing Healthy Teeth

When a bridge is placed in your mouth, it will have to be supported by your other teeth, which means that these otherwise healthy teeth will have to be grinded down, causing damage. A dental implant, from Desert Breeze Dental, goes into your jawbone, in the area where the missing tooth’s root used to be and does not impact your other, healthy teeth in any way. This helps to ensure that your other natural teeth remain healthy. Visit http://www.desertbreezedental.net for more details.

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